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Karaoke Version is the #1 instrumental music download store.

The commission on Karaoke Version is 12% on the sales ex-VAT.

Still wondering why you should become an affiliate? Here are some reasons:

  • Karaoke Version is the online leader for backing-tracks and karaoke files
  • Over 75,000 songs available, new songs added every weekday
  • Over 50,000 visits/day
  • The highest quality on the instrumental music market

Integration guidelines

Turnkey solution

First of all, the "simple" affiliation or first level affiliation. This way allows you to integrate generated code to your website easily.

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Automatic links

The most efficient way, redirect or integrate the best link with a single line of code and match both databases really easily!

<a href="https://www.karaoke-version.com/afflink.html?aff=77        &action=redirect&song=Waka%20Waka%20(Esto%20es%20%C1frica)&artist=Shakira">Direct link to the selected song</a>
/* Retrieve within PHP */

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XML catalogs

Thanks to our XML files, you have access to the entire library of Karaoke Version. It includes all the available tracks and allows you to perform any operations (parsing, sorting, etc..)

It will allow you to download in one go the complete catalogue. These files are updated nightly so you can choose at what rate you want to update your system with it.

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Our API allows you to interact in real time with our database.

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