The easiest way to get the best possible link is to use this method. This URL will produce automatically according to the parameters you add to the URL.
Optional parameters :
Parameters Description
artist Name of the artist.
song Name of the song. If you don't provide a song name, the link will be based only on the artist name.
aff Your affiliate ID, if you don't provide any affiliate ID, the link will not contain the affiliation information.
part=mp3 Display the link for the MP3 backing tracks part (default value)
part=custom Display the link for the custom backing tracks part
part=karaoke Display the link for the karaoke download part
part=custok Display the link for the custom karaoke download part
part=guitar Display the link for the guitar download part
part=drums Display the link for the drums download part
part=piano Display the link for the piano download part
part=bass Display the link for the bass download part
action=redirect Automatically redirect to the best page
action=href Display the link only

Make the best possible link using song and artist parameters

In simple HTML, you can redirect your users to the most interresting page of the backing tracks part.

<a href=" Up&artist=Madonna">Click here for Hang Up</a>
This code will allow your users to jump on an accurate webpage: Click here for Hang Up

Another example that jump into the custom backing tracks part:
<a href=" To Hell&artist=ACDC">Highway To Hell</a>
This code will allow your users to jump on the custom backing track part: Highway To Hell

Query the best link using PHP/ASP/Ruby/Perl

To query the links and integrate them to your webpages, it just relies on the server technology you use. For that example we assume that you are using PHP. If your page is talking about an artist and you don't have a specific song name to provide, just don't add the song parameter.

$artist=urlencode('Madonna'); // One or two parameters...
$song=urlencode('Hang Up');    // ...coming from your pages
@readfile("    &artist=$artist&song=$song");
This code will ouput on your webpage, the perfect link: CDG Video Karaoke Hung Up

And you'll notice that our link system will automatically find the correct spelling (Hung up instead of Hang up) !