You can download the complete catalog from Karaoke Version and process it without relying on our uptime.

XML Catalogs


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  1. Download the file regularly (Updated nightly)
  2. Uncompress the Zip archive (Only for the XML library)
  3. Import the file in your database
  4. Choose what you want to display on your website

XML file format

The XML file includes all available information on the tracks that are on Karaoke Version. It offers 3 levels of information:
  • Artists
  • Songs
  • Files
The simplified structure of the file is described below:
    <name>The Beatles</name> 
        <name>Let It Be</name> 
          <file format="MP3"/>
Then detailed ID are refined (Artist, song, file) and integrated. These URL allow you to access the preview.

Here's an example: Sample

Artist Tag

It includes an "id" attribute. This id-attributes gives you the unique artist ID in our database (Same way it would work for the unique Song-ID and File-ID).

The artist tag includes 4 children:
Child Description
name Artist name
name_sorted Artist name for alphabteical sorting
url Links redirecting to the Artist page on Karaoke Version
rank Ranking of the artist, sorted by popularity

Tag Song

Then, there is the Song-tag. It includes the available song list from an artist. The SOg-tag is actually made of several song-tags, each one representing a song available on Karaoke Version.

The Song-tag includes 4 children:
Child Description
name Song name
url links redirecting to the song page on Karaoke Version
rank Ranking of the song, sorted by popularity. This ranking is a song-only ranking and not linked to one specific artist
preview Link to the MP3 preview (Usually, we link to the instrumental version, no lead vocal)

Tag File

Last but not least, the File-tag includes all the files associated to this track. This tag is also made of several other tag-files.

The Tag file includes 1 child:
Child Description
preview Link to the MP3 preview

On top of its ID, the Tag-file includes 3 additionnal attributes:
Attribute Description
format Format of the file. The available formats are MP3, WMV, AVI, KFN and CDG
track_type Type of audio, the possible values for standard playbacks are:
  • INS: Instrumental version
  • KAR: Karaok√©, the audio file includes either backgound vocals or a vocal guide
  • COV: Cover version

The possible values for guitar backing tracks are:
  • NGT-VOC: guitar backing track with vocals
  • NGT: guitar backing track without vocals
  • NGT-GT-VOC: full version
  • GT: guitar only
background_type Decribes the type of background used in a WMV or CDG file. This parameter is only used in WMV files that can have either a black (B value) or a colored background (C value). The colored ones also include great colourful designs which react to the beat of the song. N means no background.
price Price of the file, in the current currency.
Important note: when customers buy one guitar backing track file, they can download the others for free.